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Chimney Sweep & Repair in Norwood, Ma

Chimney Inspections & Sweeping:
It is important to keep up to date with sweeping your fireplace or wood burning stove if you enjoy using it. We inform our clients to have us out to inspect yearly and depending on burning habits, clean your chimney every 1-3 years.

Your heating system is the most important flue in your house. Every heating season the furnace or boiler is constantly running, making your heat. It is a good idea to have us out yearly for an annual inspection and possible cleaning. We urge all clients to have carbon monoxide detectors on every floor, as it is the last line of defense if there was ever a problem.
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Blockage Removal:
Animals (especially squirrels and raccoons) are notorious for building their homes in chimneys. These nests can block the flue exhausting your fireplace or heating system. We have removed thousands of nests over the years.

In rare instances chimneys can have an internal collapse of the lining system, or the wyeth wall (the brick petition separating the flues). We are proficient in removing these types of blockages as well.
Chimney Caps & Dampers:
It is always a good idea to have a chimney cap covering your chimney. The cap serves two purposes: To keep the rain out of the flues and off the crown, preserving the chimney integrity, as well as keeping any unwanted animals out of the flues. We install both stainless steel and copper chimney caps, measuring out proper sizes depending upon the individual chimney.

A damper is the device that opens when you are having a fire and closes to keep the heat loss minimal when you are not using your fireplace. You can have a throat damper that sits right above the firebox or a top sealing damper. The throat damper is most common in homes. Top-sealing dampers mount on top of the chimney and a cable is run down the flue attaching in the firebox. They are considered the most efficient damper because of the tight seal at the top of the chimney due to the rubber gasket. We install many top-sealing dampers.
Chimney Lining:
The lining system in each home is made from terra-cotta clay tiles and their job is to contain the gasses of combustion so they stay contained until they evacuate at the chimney top. Sometimes these lining systems break down (they can crack, break or wear thin over time) and a new metal liner should be installed. In older homes (pre 1920's) many chimneys are unlined. In those cases, we recommend updating the lining system with new metal liners.
Masonry Work:
Over time and through the freeze and thaw cycles of the New England seasons, chimneys have a tendency to need some attention. We do a beautiful job of re-pointing the chimney mortar joints and replacing back bricks. In some cases, a complete chimney rebuild is needed.
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Chimney Waterproofing:
We use a terrific product to keep water from penetration the brick work, but also allows trapped moisture to escape. It is imperative you do not simply 'seal' the chimney. We use a high-grade sprayer to carefully coat the exterior chimney, helping preserve the bricks.
Video Scans:
We possess the technology to do a thorough scan with a camera of the lining systems of your house. There are some instances where a visual look into the chimney is not sufficient, and the camera can see critical areas where our eyes cannot.

Other areas of expertise include solving smoke issues, firebox repair, hearth repair and flashing repair.
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